22 avril 2019

Australia and all secrets

During the summer 2014, I was in Australia with of the family.I already came to Australia two years ago. We have been to Cairns ( a city located in northwestern Australia ). In the North of Cairns, there is a very humid forest called " Forest of Daintree " ( rainforest ). I'm here with my family. This forest was gigantic ( it represents 0.1% of the surface of Australia! ) We make a guided tour when suddenly we see a little brown beast. It was a little brown monkey. I had never seen one yet. But he was timid, as soon as we approached him, he fled.





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Australia and all secrets

Perth is the city of Australia who is the state capital of Western Australia. She has 2 021 200 peoples who reside there. Founded in 1829 by the captain James Stirling. It is located southwest of the west coast of Australia, on the banks of Swan River.Voir sur la carte topographique d'Australie

Perth has mediterranean climate. Summers are usually hot and dry. February is the month the hottest month of the year.

The perth area was called Boorloo by local aboriginals when the first Europeans arrived in 1827.

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19 avril 2019

Australia and all secret

The Platypus is a semi-aquatic animal. Can be found in eastern Australia, including Tasmania. It is one of the five species in the order of monotrymes, the only order of mammals that lays eggs instead of giving birth to fully formed young. The platypus with a corneal jaw resembling a duck’s bill, with a tail reminiscent of a beaver, which serves as both a rudder in the water and a reserve of grease, and with otter legs. It is one of the few venomous mammals: the male wears on the hind legs a sting that can release venom capable of paralyzing a human leg or even killing a dog.

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Australia and all secret

Simon Baker was born July 30, 1969 in Launceston, Tasmania. He is the son of Elizabeth Labbertona and of Barry Baker. In his youth, he participated in numerous sporting competitions, at the national level, in surfing and water polo. Simon Baker he began his career as an actor on Australian television in the late 1980, under the name of Simon Baker Denny. Simon Baker has to play in movie like red planet, marriage has the english, ... he also plays in series like mentalist, the protector, ...

Journalist: - Hello, dear viewers we find ourselves for the interview of the popular actor appointed Simon Baker!

                Good evening Simon Baker.

Simon Baker: - Good evening to you too.

Journalist: - Let's talk of you! How do you feel after have win the " People's Choice Awards" of the best actor in the television series       drama for " Mentalist ".

Simon Baker: - Touched, because I did not wait. I am very satisfied because this TV series asked a lot investments and sacriface.

                  I'm sorry, I am pressed.

Journalist: - It's not grave. Goodbye!

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01 avril 2019

Australia and all secrets

The tennis is a sport in solo. The aim of the game is to put the ball in the camp opposing. The tennis has compresed four big tournament who call : Open of Australia in Melbourne, Roland-Garros in France, Wimbledon in London, US Open in New York.Those tournament are very hard has win. Only bests players can at participate. The 1st player in the world is : Novak Djokovic (Serbian)

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